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How It Works

Enhancing Your Professional Image

STEP 1: Download the Template

Fill out a simple form and access your customizable media kit template instantly.

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Fill in the template with your professional details and achievements.

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Use your personalized media kit to present yourself effectively to sponsors and industry.

Who It’s For

Aspiring and Professional Tournament Anglers

Whether you're taking your first steps in the professional tournament arena, or a seasoned tournament veteran, this media kit is your tool for showcasing achievements, attracting sponsors, and increasing media visibility.

Guides/Captains and Angler Educators

Designed for fishing guides, captains, and angler educators, this template enhances your ability to showcase your expertise and unique experiences. Use it to attract more clients, secure sponsorships, and promote your educational programs effectively within the angling community.

Content Creators and Reviewers

Tailored for bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, and product reviewers within the angling realm. This media kit helps professionalize your public persona, establish credibility, and monetize your influence through manufacturers and industry stakeholders.

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